Nashuan’s debut EP evokes the imagery of smokey dancefloors from an era long passed

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Nashuan’s debut EP evokes the imagery of smokey dancefloors from an era long passed


From the catchy key riffs of 'Badj'a' to the plucky guitar overlaid with soulful vocal samples in 'Butterbean', Nashuan's debut EP is an exquisite work of instrumental funk.

This retro, glittering instrumental disco album is the self-titled debut EP of Nashuan. A work of tight, handcrafted funk, complete with soaring guitar riffs and groovy keys finely tuned with beautifully calibrated production, it’s a modern nod to the era that birthed groove.

Thick bass lines and Afro-infused beats are interspersed with powerfully soulful vocalisations, demonstrating a signature sound that brings the fundamentals of dancefloor groove to the forefront. Nashuan’s powerfully crafted first release delves deep into the nucleus of funk for a finely crafted album that hits the hips as much as the heart.

What you need to know

  • The self-titled debut EP from Nashuan is a beautifully handcrafted work of instrumental funk
  • There are five singles from the album out already: Shine, Mrs Baker, Butterbean, Badj’a and Hot Valves
  • Nashuan releases in its entirety in mid-November

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Although this is the debut release under the moniker of Nashuan, Lach Cameron is certainly no stranger to Naarm/Melbourne’s rich and kaleidoscopic music scene. He was a formative member of the Soul’sa trio, whose Saturday night residency at the now-shut Big Mouth in the heart of St Kilda captured the hearts of Melbournians everywhere.

With an extensive history behind the decks, he approaches music production with a finely-tuned ear for rhythm and groove. Since officially beginning the Nashuan project in 2019, Lach Cameron has satiated his audience’s eager anticipation by dropping five singles from the album before its release in mid-November.

With the first five singles; Shine, Mrs Baker, Butterbean, Badj’a and Hot Valves already out across most streaming platforms, immerse yourself within the groovy soundscape of the 70s underground with Nashuan. 

Nashuan is out in mid-November across Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp. Check it out by heading here.

This article was made in partnership with Lach Cameron.