Muscle Car

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Muscle Car


What’s your name then?

“My name’s Damo.”

And the name of your band…

“The band’s called Muscle Car.”

And what do you do?

“I sing and play guitar.”

When did you start doing that?

“Back in 1999 after a stint on drums with the Blood Sucking Freaks. We were originally based in Adelaide but boredom got the better of me and a relocation was needed to a city with more to offer.”

Why did you start doing that?

“I heard Mötorhead’s Orgasmatron in 1987, saw AC/DC live at Globe Derby in ’88, became obsessed over The Hard-Ons’ Love Is A Battlefield Of Broken Hearts album in ’89, discovered The Wildhearts in the ’90s and I knew by then that it was time to throw the lot into a melting pot and see what came out.”

Do you think you’re good at doing that?

“I am not one to put down my own art. Why do something you don’t like, don’t feel you’re good enough for or don’t get some sort of enjoyment from? Life’s too short for that. I feel we’re good enough that I can keep doing it 12 years on.”

If you weren’t doing that, what would you be doing?

“I don’t know. I really don’t have any idea. Maybe writing as a music journalist or probably working at Foxtel in a call centre or something.”

What makes you happiest about what you’re doing?

“Playing music to people and seeing their approval either by a simple head nod, moshing, head-banging, slam-dancing, etc. As tacky as that sounds, it really does make it all worth it. Just knowing your art has made someone else smile or connect with it… even if the song’s subject matter is as ridiculous as that of an ode to a news presenter.”

What’s your proudest moment of doing what you do?

“Meeting the other guys in the band as they help create the music and ear-damaging volume and sound that we are known for. Also, we have been able to tour with both The Wildhearts and The Hard-Ons – two bands who were a huge musical inspiration for the band’s sound and live shows.”

When are you doing your thing next?

“This Saturday June 25 night we headline The Gershwin Room at The Espy in St Kilda where we will be playing a special show that we haven’t ever played before. You know how band’s do those albums in their entirety thing? Something like that. You’ll have to come along and see just what exactly it is that we will be doing. Following that, a bunch of new vinyl releases.”