Morbid Mondays: Violet Dread + Bong Cleaner

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Morbid Mondays: Violet Dread + Bong Cleaner

The Old Bar

Violet Dread:
Fresh off the launch of their debut album, Violet Dread are here to fuck shit up and leave a giant hole in your face where your soul used to be. Combining frenetic screaming with soaring guitars and electronic beats, this is a techno death metal ripper that you’ll regret you hadn’t experienced sooner. Electronic + Dread + Metal. A unique take on heavy music.

Bong Cleaner
Polish off your water pipes, fill up your lighters and throw your trendy vapes in the dump truck, because Bong Cleaner are here to prove that you’re a big wimp who could do with a few teaspoons of organically grown cannabis flower in your morning matcha latte. Featuring insatiably heavy riffs plodding under some kind of roaring Yowie creature, and a rhythm section groovier than your grandma’s garden weed parties, Bong Cleaner will rip you a new one and then fill it with freshly pulled bong smoke.