Money For Rope Vs. The Toot Toot Toots

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Money For Rope Vs. The Toot Toot Toots


MFR ask The Toots (pictured)

Is that your rider? May I?
No, what? I don’t know what you guys think a rider is… gross!!

If you could cover any LMFAO song, what would it be?
I had never heard of this band until I just YouTubed them. My ears are bleeding and I’m quite upset that you’ve introduced me to this.

Do you believe the sub atomic particles travelled faster than the speed of light in the Hadron Collider?
I do….now.

If you were putting together an Oz only act festival, who’d make the cut?
Heaps!! We just played some shows with Mother And Son and The Maladies. I liked them, they’re on the list. I’m really loving Harmony, Bombay Royale and Adalita at the moment too, so i’ll have them… along with many, many more, there’s a lot of quality music going around at the moment.

The Toots ask MFR

So what have you guys been up to lately?
We’ve been busy recording an album and trying to sort out all the stuff that goes with it like artwork and video. Other than that our keys player Rick has been reeling in a few flatheads, singer Jules has been talking about catching fish but not catching any and I caught myself a whopper off a pier recently.

Kyle Sandilands – what would you do to him if you could and do you make Jackie O watch?
I could do no worse to Kyle Sandilands than what he has already done to himself. And Jackie O’s already seen that. Can I do something to Jackie O instead?

Southern cross tattoos, wearing the flag as a cape, Oi Oi Oi?  DIscuss.

Which local bands are doing it for you at the moment?
We’re big fans of the Once Overs and loving King Gizzard at the moment. Also enjoying the folk stylings and stage banter that exist the mouth of one Fraser A Gorman.