Millar Jukes’ self-titled album is an impassioned, soulful debut

Millar Jukes’ self-titled album is an impassioned, soulful debut

Millar Jukes will launch his new album at The Curtin on Thursday July 29.

With his infectious self-titled debut album, Scotland-born, Melbourne-based musician Millar Jukes has made significant steps in his transformation from the alt-country songsmith of 2015’s ‘Chase the Sun’ EP to a soulful, blues troubadour.

Drawing comparisons to the likes of The Growlers, Nathaniel Rateliff and Paolo Nutini, it’s Jukes’ distinct, bluesy voice that truly sets him apart. His gravelly, honeyed vocals sweep through lyrics with ease, both wistful and melancholic.

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Across the album’s 11 tracks, Jukes has a way of making you feel both relaxed and intrigued as he deals with themes of lost love, anxiety and homesickness, wearing his heart on his sleeve with dark, blues-drenched ballads and soulful, groove-led head boppers.

‘No More’ expresses his frustration after a difficult time but also talks about having his day in the sun, while ‘Don’t Worry’, which features the refrain “Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing you can’t change”, could be a message to himself.

Giving fans a further look into his personal life, the impassioned ‘I Don’t Want Your Love’ deals with pain and heartbreak, while ‘Last Night’ is an optimistic story about meeting someone new on the dancefloor.

Proving his worth as a lyricist, Jukes’ captivating storytelling is a beautiful blend of soul, blues, country and folk.

Drawing from a melting pot of influences, from the Eagles, John Denver and Delta Spirit to Sam Cooke and Bill Withers, the LP is rich in both emotion and melody.

The record boasts a diverse collection of whirling organs, gentle guitar twangs, rollicking drum beats, immersive keys, playful basslines and funky trumpets.

Written and recorded over the last 18 months with Lachlan Bryan and Damien Cafarella, in a time where the Americana-influenced singer-songwriter’s live performances were temporarily halted due to the pandemic, the record presents glimpses of a new Jukes’ sound; thought-provoking, vulnerable and oozing with soul.

Having already gained a loyal following and thousands of streams on Spotify for singles ‘Home’, ‘Fire’ and ‘Fangs’, his infectious debut album guarantees Jukes’ will be making his presence within the local music scene known.

Millar Jukes’ self-titled debut album is out now. He’ll launch the record at The Curtin on Thursday July 29. Grab your tickets here.