Miles Allen : One Man Breaking Bad

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Miles Allen : One Man Breaking Bad


This show is only for the biggest Breaking Bad fans. If you haven’t seen the series in its entirety then a) you won’t know why this is funny and b) there are about a gazillion spoilers. Miles Allen became an Internet sensation last year with the viral YouTube clip Homeless Man Does Breaking Bad Impressions for Food. The video scored over 1.2 million views and while speculation arose that Allen isn’t really homeless, it didn’t stop him from running with the spotlight. And rightly so because Allen is good at what he does. His impressions aren’t just voices, he embodies the facial expressions and movements of each character – and he obviously has a lot of love for the show.

Admitting it’s the same feeling parents have towards their children, Allen has a favourite in the lovable drug addict Jesse Pinkman. The entire show is narrated in Pinkman’s voice. His Heisenberg, Hank Schrader and Saul Goodman impressions are worthy but it’s his takes on Walt Junior, Skyler White and hitman Mike that are most impressive and get the most laughs. The man has done his homework.

There aren’t many characters from across the five series that Allen doesn’t include, even down to support roles like Skinny Pete, Badger, Hector Salamanca, The Twins, Uncle Jack and Gus Fring. Allen uses these characters to re-enact the entire series in just over an hour. It’s an impressive feat but he also manages to keep the laughs coming by breaking acts apart with various sketches, such as “What if other film and television characters used the word ‘Bitch’ as much as Jesse?” or “What if Bill Cosby played Walter White?”

Ultimately the real appeal of this show isn’t the comedy factor but the subject in question. So many people consider Breaking Bad one of the greatest shows ever and this is a chance to relive the series in a fun new way. The hard part is going to be finding a subject for follow-up show that fans love so dearly. He joked at the possibility of doing a One Man Back to the Future Trilogy so let’s just keep our fingers crossed.