Celia Pacquola : Let Me Know How it All Works Out

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Celia Pacquola : Let Me Know How it All Works Out


A comedian, by definition, is a person willing to be laughed at which makes Celia Pacquola a perfect comedian. Projecting a relaxed, loose and engaging banter Pacquola is like an amazing stranger you meet randomly at a party who keeps you laughing all night standing by the fridge making fun of randoms. Only in Let Me Know How it All Works Out Pacquola is the butt of her own jokes and she lets herself have it.

Celia slips into a friendly line of self-depreciation. She is a fan of visiting psychics, ideally tarot, or as she calls them ‘reverse historians’ but is well aware of the damage she is causing herself. Pacquola masks her sharp wit with wide eyed mugging to perfect effect and is a gifted physical comic, impersonating a mattress is no easy task.

Without out a doubt Pacquola is the funniest Australian comic I have seen in years, from the opening mimed montage to the closing credits it’s a joy filed gem.