MICF Opens Funny Tonne Applications

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MICF Opens Funny Tonne Applications


Applicants are interviewed and a few lucky lads or lasses, oozing stamina and enthusiasm, and once again nothing to do in their lives, get a pass to see as many shows as they can for the whole month. With a unique Comedy Passport in hand, three festival fans join the Amazing Race of comedy, using their own tactics (like quitting your job) to try and win the title. Each Funny Tonne competitor reviews show they see and posts them on the Comedy Festival website daily.

The record for The Funny Tonne is held by Funny Tonner Kath Dolgehuy, whose eyeballs and earholes witnessed a whopping 145 shows during the 2011 Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Pictured: 2013 Funny Tonne hopeful Nick ‘lotsa lols’ Taras.