Mia Dyson outshines her influences on her recent EP, ‘Parking Lots (Revisited)’

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Mia Dyson outshines her influences on her recent EP, ‘Parking Lots (Revisited)’

Photo by Anita Coats

Mia Dyson speaks to Beat’s Turning Heads podcast about the 15th anniversary of her second album, Parking Lots.

LA-based, Australian songwriter and musician Mia Dyson released Parking Lots (Revisited) in December 2020. The five-song EP features updated versions of tracks from Dyson’s 2005 LP, Parking Lots. They’re thorough blues, soul and honky tonk revisions, which came together with producers Erin “Syd” Sidney and Daniel Wright, double bass player Matt Aronoff and keyboardist Lee Pardini.

The original Parking Lots LP won the ARIA award for Best Blues and Roots album in 2005. Dyson’s 2003 debut album, Cold Water, was also nominated in this category, which is a giveaway of how Dyson’s music has always been categorised – she’s played umpteen blues and roots festivals over the years and supported the likes of Eric Clapton and Bonnie Raitt.

But there’s long been more to Dyson’s artistry than this genre tag might suggest. This is best exemplified by her latest solo album, 2018’s If I Said Only So Far I Take It Back, a pop album on which Dyson’s artistic vision outshines the resonance of her influences.

In the podcast, Mia speaks about falling in love with artists like Robert Johnson, B.B. King and Leonard Cohen via her parents’ record collection and the significant influence Lucinda Williams had on her artistic growth.

Check out the podcast episode below:

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