The best German restaurants in Melbourne

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The best German restaurants in Melbourne

German restaurants Melbourne

The best German restaurants in Melbourne, from Hofbräuhaus to German Club Tivoli and the Bratwurst Shop $ Co.

Currywurst probably wouldn’t win a race against pizza, croissants, or Peking duck pancakes – though that’s simply my opinion – although look a little deeper, and you’ll find some treasure among the tradition.

In the CBD you’ll find Hofbräuhaus, home to Melbourne’s finest schnitzels since 1968. Snug between stores down Market Lane, the restaurant marks all kinds of tradition with their staff even dressed in classic Bavarian wear. Their schnitzel selection is succinct yet adequate: ‘Hähnchenschnitzel’ (chicken), or Wiener Schnitzel’ (pork) with lemon, Swiss cheese or mushroom sauce variations are available. Make sure you order their potato salad too.

For those who’ve had their fathers drag them to the local community club (like the Cyprus Club in Sydney, or the Lithuanian Club in North Melbourne) for a dinner and dance often, you may appreciate this suggestion most. Yes, such nights are exhausting and loud, but they’re also the most authentic. German Club Tivoli, an entire venue dedicated to all things German, is sure to serve proper German food. And that they do, with their select menu showcasing the best of this intricate cuisine. To start, try their green asparagus soup. It’s lightly cream-based yet still holds a bold asparagus bite, or their ‘obazda’ – a Bavarian cream cheese and camembert spread on ‘bretzel’ (AKA pretzel). For mains, order the ‘wiener schnitzel’. It’s a Viennese-style crumbed veal, served with a potato-cucumber salad and cranberry sauce. The pork knuckle with potato mash, sauerkraut and gravy is also delicious. ‘Apfelstrudel’ will end your evening with warm vanilla custard, fruit and cream. Feel free to join their German men’s choir or folk dancing group traditional to Bavaria and Austria on your way out.

Next Sunday, on your weekly Queen Victoria Market shop, try noticing the amount of shoppers juggling shopping bags while trying to enjoy a bratwurst sausage. This is called a stereotypical Queen Victoria Market shopper. But who’s serving them? Bratwurst Shop $ Co. is and they have been for over 25 years. There are seven varieties to choose from – mild, spicy, cheese, weisswurst, black pepper, chorizo or chicken & mushroom – with choices of mustards, sauces and/or sauerkraut (always order sauerkraut).