Melbourne rockers FEVERDREAMS reveal anticipated new single, ‘Don’t You Feel’

Melbourne rockers FEVERDREAMS reveal anticipated new single, ‘Don’t You Feel’

Pic by Jack Dixon-Gunn
Words by Matt Parnell

The band gear up to release their debut EP in August.

With ‘Don’t You Feel’, FEVERDREAMS have delivered a fresh angle on the well-trodden breakup song. Something that is conventionally one-sided is delivered with more nuance, even the title hinting at the fact it’s more conversational than anything else.

As the song’s narrative materialises, so does the instrumentation. Over the course of the track a series of things stand out, starting with the electronic loop before overlapping vocals come to the fore near the song’s closure. ‘Don’t You Feel’ slowly builds and heightens without ever overwhelming.

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While the song is bookended by that subtle electronic loop, it’s largely guitar-driven. From the powerful rhythm guitar that underpins the first two minutes of ‘Don’t You Feel’ to the guitar solo that follows, bridging the song’s first and second halves, the track is strewn with many structural intricacies.

Closing the song off with the loop it started with serves as a narrative reminder, but also makes you feel as if you’re going in circles. It speaks to the track’s clever construction while not feeling heavy-handed.

The end result is a song about uncertain footing in a relationship, a reflection of the band members’ capabilities as forged in years of experience creating music in Melbourne. With ‘Don’t You Feel’ now out in the world, FEVERDREAMS gear up to release their debut EP, When The Smoke Clears, in August.

Check out ‘Don’t You Feel’ below.

‘Don’t You Feel’ is out now. For more on FEVERDREAMS, head to their Facebook page.