Melbourne Made: Melbourne Hot Sauce

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Melbourne Made: Melbourne Hot Sauce


Tell us about Melbourne Hot Sauce. Melbourne Hot Sauce was born in late 2013. Our goal was to create a range of sauces which draw on flavour, depth, and balance rather than just bottled heat. Four years of hard work has seen us grow from nothing to being stocked in over 300 stores nationwide.


Where does Melbourne Hot Sauce turn to for inspiration within our city? Our inspiration comes from the vast amount of quality producers and businesses based in Melbourne. Be it food products, craft beer, liquor or restaurants – there are so many passionate people running their own unique operations, pushing you to always improve and innovate your own brand.


Do you collaborate with other local Melbourne companies? We love working on collaborations. We currently have hot sauce collaborations with burger joints including 8Bit, St Kilda Burger Bar and Burgerlove and craft breweries Wolf of the Willows and 40ft Brewing.


What is Melbourne Hot Sauce most proud of? Our Hop smoked jalapeno sauce is something we’re very proud of. Made in collaboration with Wolf of the Willows and St Kilda Burger bar, it’s something a bit different.


As consumers, why should we always choose locally made? There are many great reasons to choose locally made products. I think one of best and most overlooked facts is that when you buy from small locally-owned businesses, a lot of that money is reinvested with other local small businesses, strengthening the local economic base and helping out everyone right back to the consumer.