Melbourne Made: Emma Morgan

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Melbourne Made: Emma Morgan


Tell us about Emma Morgan? I draw animals, sometimes they’re wearing clothes. I work entirely by hand in fine-liner and watercolour. I create fine art prints, textiles and other fun bits and pieces. 


What’s better about locally made? Aside from supporting us little businesses, buying local also celebrates local talents – there are lots of clever people around Melbourne who we should be celebrating.


Where does Emma Morgan turn to for inspiration within our city? Roof top bars? I think you can just turn to the city though. Melbourne really appreciates the arts, which is really awesome. There’s always something fun going on. 


What are you most proud of? All my works are printed – on fabric or paper – in Melbourne, which is so important to me. I never want that to change. 


As consumers, why should we always choose locally made? It’s a bit more transparent I suppose. You know exactly where the product is coming from and who is responsible for it. I think this is important. Working with integrity should always be valued. Also, handmade stuff is the best.