Review: ‘A Dreamer’s Guide to Reality’ provides self-reflection and a call to action

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Review: ‘A Dreamer’s Guide to Reality’ provides self-reflection and a call to action

Words by Holly Denison


Written and performed by Rosalind and her five-piece rock band, A Dreamer’s Guide to Reality takes us on a journey of self-exploration. From nostalgic tales of Rosalind’s childhood to the effects of climate change, every song gives the audience time to reflect on themselves.

The show presents Rosalind’s stunning songwriting abilities alongside clever, transitional monologues which tie the songs together. It’s a deeply personal performance where we are given the chance to see, in depth, the meanings and emotions behind the music.

The songs within the performance are original works from Rosalind, four of which appear on her recently released self-titled EP. With particularly uplifting numbers encompassing tales of share houses, house parties and traveling.

Though it’s Rosalind’s ability to match the joyful tales with serious topics of family fallouts, tragedy and unhealthy coping mechanisms that is truly impressive. Rosalind says music has always been a creative outlet for her and a healthy way to escape reality in light of her dissociative disorder.

She puts her creative outlet to good use in ‘Ruins’, where we hear her passion for the environment. She’s long been an environmental activist as it’s close to her heart, particularly after living through 2009’s Black Saturday fires. Although the main focus of the performance is to encourage self-reflection, ‘Ruins’ does contain an underlying call to action which encourages the audience to take a stand for the sake of our future.

Rosalind’s affinity for self expression is amplified by the tightknit nature of her and her band. Additionally, the MC Showroom is an intimate venue with drinks available and tables throughout the first two rows. Overall, it gives the illusion of having a conversation with close friends.

A Dreamer’s Guide to Reality is on at the MC Showroom as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival until Saturday September 28. Grab your tickets here