Melbourne’s Banoffee wants to make ‘people to cry in the car’

Melbourne’s Banoffee wants to make ‘people to cry in the car’

Words by Lucas Radbourne

On the surface, Banoffee's new album appears to be about love and fucking, however there's a sadness underpinning her work.

Today, Melbourne artist Banoffee shares the new single ‘Never Get to F*ck Any1’. It is the latest single from her forthcoming sophomore album Teartracks, out October 22nd.

It follows previous singles, ‘Tapioca Cheeks’ a collaboration with PC Music’s Planet 1999 and ‘Idiot’ which premiered on PAPER.

What you need to know

  • Banoffee has released a third single off her imminent new album
  • There’s a lot of sex and love, but she wants to conjure real emotions
  • The Melbourne muso is a member of Charlie XCX’s band

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“I wanted the record to track a couple of different emotions,” Banoffee says. “It goes from like, ‘You don’t love me enough’ to like, ‘Shit, I’m never gonna have sex like this again’, which is really materialistic and quite funny.”

Banoffee, real-name Martha Brown, was born in Melbourne to an incredibly complicated family backstory; her father became a Tibetan monk to deal with trauma from her grandparents.

She’s had a fairly meteoric rise, playing with Charlie XCX and Taylor Swift, and moving to Los Angeles. 2020’s breakout debut album, Look At Us Now Dad, which featured collaborations with SOPHIE, Empress Of, Cupcakke and Umru aimed to celebrate survival in the face of abuse and adversity.

Teartracks takes a very different track.

”This record only could have come after 2020 and 2019, because it really is about a very specific period of my life that swallowed me in,” she says.

“There’s no longterm songs in there about anything from the past or hope for the future. It’s about this one event — this is how I feel.”

Banoffee collaborated with Charles Teiller, Perto and fellow member of Charli XCX’s band Ceci G.

“It was just really fun working with such different personalities to bring out different parts of songs,” Banoffee says.

“It’s for people who just want to stay indoors and aren’t really willing to try and be picked up yet.

“I want people to cry in the car listening to this, driving at night, in the shower — I want someone to think ‘I want to feel sad, I’m gonna put on Teartracks.

You can stream Banoffee’s new single here.