Meet Lumber Punks, Melbourne’s new dedicated axe throwing joint

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Meet Lumber Punks, Melbourne’s new dedicated axe throwing joint

Words by Caitlin Hynes

Located in South Melbourne.

After huge successes in Queensland and Western Australia, Lumber Punks Axe Throwing have officially opened their first Melbourne venue in South Melbourne.

Just as they opened in 2017, Lumber Punks had the world’s attention on the Gold Coast as they hosted Jason Momoa’s 38th birthday. Four years on and the axe-throwing experience has taken Australia by storm, officially opening its first Victorian location.

Lumber Punks offers an experience like no other – a 90-minute session provides an exhilarating experience where the goal is simple: proving to yourself that you can in fact, throw an axe.

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Located in Clarke Street, South Melbourne, Lumber Punks sees precision and technique win out, as opposed to brute strength, making the experience totally inclusive and immersive, for friends, family, colleagues and everyone in between.

“Our marketing statistics show that over 50 per cent of people who come through our doors are women,” Lumber Punks’ co-owner, Tyson McMillan, says.

“When you break it down, what we’re actually doing is helping people realise how good they actually are. They come to us with a reserved feeling that they can’t do this. But when they realise that it’s all about technique instead of brute force, they realise their capability.”

Since opening in 2017, Lumber Punks expanded from its origin on the Gold Coast, to Brisbane and Perth. Melbourne has long been on the radar for McMillan, however it all came down to the perfect location.

“Melbourne took a long time to come to fruition because we’re very particular about the location of each Lumber Punks venue. We need a specific warehouse-style venue and we found this place in South Melbourne just last year, which used to be an old Coca-Cola factory!

“The location is perfect, with pubs, distilleries, coffee shops and bars encircling Lumber Punks from every angle. We wanted to create the perfect commune where visitors can get the true South Melbourne experience.”

For each session, attendees will receive a walk-through of the venue and standard safety briefing. Next comes technique training, where you’re given the time to master the throw and meet your mark. Once your group is ready, distance is added into the mix, so you can start to stretch your muscles and finesse your abilities.

“It’s definitely a case of if you teach a man to fish, you’ll feed him for a lifetime,” explains McMillan. Instead of taking you by the hand and showing you how it’s done, the Lumber Punks team will train you, so that you can confidently throw that axe into the wood.

“It’s a prerequisite that everyone leaves with a smile on their face.”

While the axe throwing element of Lumber Punks is obviously first and foremost, the goal of the experience is to build a community. By providing a space to meet new people – many of whom you wouldn’t ordinarily have the opportunity to meet, Lumber Punks is not just an avenue for recreation, it’s a social stimulator.

What’s more, Lumber Punks also has its own national Lumber Punks Axe League, one which now boasts over 180 competitors. A uniquely team-based initiative, the league mixes people from an array of different backgrounds spanning its Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth and soon, Melbourne, competitions.

“In our league, teams are made up of three. So inherently, it’s a social sport where you can bring along two mates and have fun,” McMillan continues.

“Some people don’t realise they’re an axe-thrower until they visit us, and it awakens a new passion that becomes a huge part of their life.

“We want to fly the flag here in Australia. We’ve got people in our league who want to compete internationally and we want to give them the platform to do that.”

Lumber Punks Axe Throwing Melbourne is officially open, taking group bookings seven days a week. Head here for more info.