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What does your show expose to the audience? Three very different styles of stand-up from comedians who cut their teeth on the circuit in the Northern Territory. Quirky, honest stories and unique experiences from each of our perspectives. It’s unprocessed, uncooked observations and tales from our time existing in a meat suit on planet earth. 

How was your show formed? The three of us crossed paths through the NT comedy scene – Danny lived in Alice Springs and worked with local comics until returning to his home city of Melbourne. Chris has been a comic in Alice Springs for about two years, while Nicole has performing stand-up for a couple of years in Darwin. NT comedy is a close-knit community and we all end up performing in each other’s shows.


Could you share the unexpected realities you’ve experienced as a performer? Being organised with every aspect of a show is boring but important. Venues like you when you’re organised.


Why is it important to expose yourself to different forms of art? Experiencing the self-expression of art across different mediums is important in discovering new perspectives. A writer for example, will take different but equally as valuable influences from art that hangs in a gallery versus words from their favourite author.


Describe your show in three words. Ridiculous honest comedy.

Have the events in your life turned into material? The events in my life have totally turned into material. Sometimes word for word. Reality is by far funnier than anything I could make up.