Maximum Anything #3: Let The Games Begin!

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Maximum Anything #3: Let The Games Begin!

Maximum Anything is an initiative aimed at presenting new and exciting music, art, ideas, anything. Artists are free to be who they want, as is the audience. It also aims to create a place for our community to share, experience and enjoy with each other.

For our first event of 2024, Maximum Anything presents “Let the Games Begin!”, an afternoon extravaganza featuring a smorgasbord of performances, game pieces and communal activities, culminating in an epic round of musical trivia (Melbourne jazz themed) and the musical showdown of the decade where Melbourne’s finest improvisers battle it out for supremacy in Shaun Rammers’ “Building Blocks” with live and scathing commentary from quiz-master Emily Bennett.

This is an interactive event featuring a mix of game-related performances as well as traditional games where everyone in attendance is encouraged to join in.

Emily Bennett
Emily Bennett is a vocalist and sound artist led by narratives; those both banal and significant, portraying landscapes that bleed into the fictional and subjective. She has collaborated with visual artists, dancers, theatre makers and journalists to construct works for live music performance that fuse sound design and composition with future directions in real-time improvisation.

Shaun Rammers “Building Blocks”
Watch a group of musicians battle it out for glory in a heated game of Building Blocks. A concept created by Shaun Rammers, Building Blocks is a game where musicians work as teams to stack blocks on top of each other and create the highest tower. Each block contains musical information, used to create a soundscape of improvised music. The game goes for 1 hour with the winning team having the highest tower! Strategy, drama, blindsiding and double crossing – this is a game of survivor meets music.

Improvised Radio Play Sessions (led by Ronny Ferella)
In the 1940’s Radio Plays were the “leading international popular entertainment” and Pierre Shaeffer gave birth to the idea of musical sampling through his Music Concrete experiments.
Maximum Anything is bringing it all back and mixing it up with its Improvised Radio Play Sessions. 3 acts of15 minutes each in the Cross Street Library. Voice actors create an ongoing dialogue and drama from the written word only. Novels-Popular Mechanics-The New Scientist-.. Whatever, as long as it was written down and they are reading it.…. Comes with live musical accompaniment- that of course, will be improvised….

Event starts at 2:30pm and will be over by 7:30pm

Maximum Anything welcome individuals from all backgrounds, identities, and experiences to come together in a spirit of unity and respect. We strive to create a safe and supportive environment where everyone feels valued, heard, and empowered to be their authentic selves.
Artwork is “Musicians Fighting” by Pieter Jansz Quast.