Mark Watson – The Information

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Mark Watson – The Information


As we reach the top of their stairs at The Forum Theatre, we are all handed a piece of paper with Mark Watson’s mobile number. All the stalkers in the house are ecstatic, but the rest are raising eyebrows. We find out mid-way through the show that many fans did indeed text Watson in response to his request for ‘The Information’ on their accomplices. It exemplifies just how much Watson values audience participation. This part of the show was a little drawn-out, though, as one could sense that most people preferred Watson’s comedic gold to audience banter.

Being the victim of identity theft last year made Watson realise the ridiculous mass of information that we’re all forced to give to outside forces. This theme leads Watson to examine personal experiences in which he divulged information unnecessarily, which results in outrageously hysterical laughter. Whether relating crazy shopping experiences, fibs told in taxis or calls to bizarre feedback lines whilst feeling lonely in a hotel room, Watson’s unique storytelling proved captivating as he unleashed sharp, witty lines in his trademark shot-gun delivery and heavy British brogue.