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Issue 1720

Words by Kaya Martin

Haters would say the Melbourne music scene goes into hibernation in July. They’d be wrong. 

While the month lacks any super major festivals, it’s kind of a blessing in disguise, because it motivates us to look for fun in lesser-known places, through mysterious doors, down dimly lit laneways… If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that you lot will stop at nothing to find a party. You sniff them out like Salomon-footed truffle pigs. And we love you for it. 

Dan Sultan graces our cover this month, reminiscing on the making of his hit record Blackbird a decade after its release. Read on to find The Last Dinner Party’s musings on their glamorous and gothic aesthetic world, Militarie Gun’s guide to writing easy-to-love punk anthems and the Jesus and Mary Chain’s lament on their messy twenties.

We also catch up with local favourites Serpette and Horsepower ahead of their appearances at Leaps and Bounds. Grace Cummings phones in from a balcony in Norway to chat about the healing power of music (and $150 fish) and Kingswood takes us back to when they were a baby band with big dreams.

If there’s a theme tying this month’s stories together, it’s one of reflection and renewal. Let this be your inspiration to craft your future just the way you want it. Or at least, you know, see a show or two.