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Issue 1699

Words by Lucas Radbourne

If you’re reading this, you’ve made it to August, congratulations. That’s no mean feat in a city that limped into the EIU’s latest World’s Most Liveable City rankings in 10th place. While that’s an absolute shocker for a seven-time world champion, take solace in the fact that numero uno Vienna – a city that could only be ranked ‘most liveable’ by a bunch of economists – was just ranked the city with the world’s worst clubs (by Beat, right now).

So why is Melbourne actually the world’s most liveable city? Let’s start with the Melbourne International Film Festival, which graces our cover with late St Kilda icon Sandra Pankhurst. In addition to our feature on Clean, we’ve also picked the must-see films for their 70th anniversary – bonus points if you can guess which one a Melbourne Herald critic called “the most evil film I’ve ever seen”. What do we say to the EIU? In the words of Chopper himself; “Even Beethoven had his critics. See if you can name three of them.”

What else? We look back at 25 iconic years with a Melbourne band that didn’t think they’d land a record deal. We discuss the revealing nature of songwriting with Alex The Astronaut, laud Enya with death-metal heavyweights Be’lakor, and amp ourselves up for the festival season post-Splendour In The Mud with Cookin’ On 3 Burners.

We’ve even got space to review SIX The Musical and Dolly Parton’s 9 TO 5, the best new Aussie albums, and embark on a beer-fuelled journey through four of Melbourne’s most loveable venues. Read ‘em and weep, Viennese.