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Issue 1698

Words by Lucas Radbourne

Ed’s Note

This month, we celebrate our immense privilege to share in the unique history and culture of Australia’s First Peoples on NAIDOC Week. Aussie hip hop king Briggs explains what the week means to him, and Kaytetye artist RONA speaks about her pioneering productions blending traditional language and synth-heavy electronica.

There’s a lot else going on, but Christ almighty it’s freezing. Admittedly, our secret plan to move Beat to a Caribbean island is a bit of an overreaction, but we still didn’t expect walking to the car in the morning to feel like Touching the Void.

What’s worse is that all this incredible stuff keeps happening, disrupting our natural state on the couch eating Uber Eats and subjecting us to amazing life experiences. Take the return of the coolest international bands in the world to our shores, like Wet Leg and Sofi Tukker. How dare they? Local talent like Teether and Ball Park Music getting us all riled up. Don’t even get us started on theatre, we witnessed one of the greatest Australian productions of all time this month, nearly killed us. It’s not all bad news; in the spirit of just sitting down and chilling out, we had a long chat to Sleaford Mods about the nature of success, David Willing about the state of Melbourne’s film industry, and Adrian Basso about PBS’ flashy new digs.

But, it turns out you’re going to be leaving the house a lot this winter, so there’s only one thing to do; don a full thermal tracksuit under your best outfit and drink straight spirits until you sweat hand sanitiser.