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Issue 1696

Words by Lucas Radbourne

Editorial Note

Melbourne, it’s been…emotional. For the past two years you’ve all welcomed us into your homes, where beat.com.au has replaced the batshit crazy stream of conspiracy theories contaminating your socials with the city’s most entertaining stories. While everyone was baking Tiger King and watching sourdough, we were slugging our guts out to make Beat better than ever and nowwe’re back on the streets where we belong.

As you can see from our cover we’ve had a facelift, but the beating heart of Melbourne remains the same as our first issue back in 1986, which featured some new group called Crowded House. As is tradition, the following 52 pages are jam-packed with music, art, entertainment and shitloads of ads, living proof that magazines, like cockroaches, can survive the apocalypse. So, whether you find our glorious periodical on the maple countertop of your favourite wine bar or the piss-soaked floors of your local pub toilets, you’ll know that you’re looking at the time-tested experts’ guide to Melbourne.

With a website breaking news 24/7, the most comprehensive online gig guide, and a flashy monthly print magazine that hand-picks the best of Beat, we’re more Melbourne than kicking a footy on a crowded tram, or drinking a $7 latte in the rain.

This month, you’ll get to know Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Running Touch, Confidence Man, Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers, and the wonderful work of Dr Lou Bennett AM. There’s the usual spread of reviews and gigs, and we’ll also take a long look at RISING Festival, suss lockdown’s unusual effect on clubbing, and wonder where the hell we’d all be without The Curtin Hotel. Tuck in.