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Issue 1677

Words by Tom Parker

Editor’s note

As the icicles surmount, the morning fog thickens, sleet becomes a thing and getting out of bed emerges as life’s most difficult task, Melbourne’s creative tempo remains strong. You can’t tie us down, our brains are wired; wired for fun, imagination and the party. Yes we’re wired for the party and with the party comes live music.

Winter’s first 30 days have flashed by like an Arctic tern making the first strides of their global migration which means it’s time for Melbourne music’s preeminent mid-year celebration, Leaps and Bounds Music Festival. As the City of Yarra comes alive with the very best music this city has to offer, venues as south as Richmond, to Collingwood, Carlton and as high as Alphington will host tightly curated showcases.

So who’s playing? Funny you should ask because this lineup is decorated top to bottom with inimitable talent. The likes of Moaning Lisa, The Dusty Millers, MOD CON and Poppongene will take to their respective stages – Grace Darling Hotel, The Corner, The Tramway are just three of the many venues being celebrated for their contribution to Melbourne’s music culture.

As part of our coverage of the occasion we spotlight the Winter Record Store Day going down and unpack the eight events you simply can’t miss. There’s also a chat with Asylum Sisters who are emerging from a three-year hiatus to play the festival. So that’s 1677, along with a bunch of other goodies. Hope you’ve got a puffer jacket, things ‘bout to get chilly.