Issue 1678

Words by Tom Parker

Editor’s note

If you managed to evade the winter sniffles badgering us so conveniently at the moment and made it along to one of the CHANGES showcases last week you will have come to understand how much this city bloody rulez. Yes that’s “rules” with a “z” but stuff it, I’ve officially lost control. I can’t control my love for what this city continues to produce day-in-day-out.

The bountiful CHANGES saw Melbourne’s most talented musicians set up shop at random locations all throughout the city’s northside. This was a record label or management agency’s time to shine and shine they did – the likes of Chapter Music, Milk! Records, Spirit Level, Future Popes, Music in Exile and more put on showcases to truly remember. This wasn’t about music hierarchy or anything of the sort this was about Melbourne’s fertile music community coming together and celebrating what makes our local scene so glorious; its undivided harmony and togetherness.

Taking a quick breather, it might be worthwhile exploring what’s in store for mid-July Beat. We’ve got the ever-unflappable Dope Lemon on the cover who’s got a lot of news for us – a new album this Friday will be followed by a set at Splendour and then a headline run around the country. We’ve also got our official Beat Eats special out and about – six pages of glorious food suggestions for your belly. Mukka, Field Black, Le Bon Ton and Trippy Taco are just some of the explorations. Bring your napkins Beat readers, there’s bound to be some spillage.