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Issue 1672

Words by Tom Parker

Editor’s Note

In 1986, Freddie Mercury was still alive; Ronald Reagan was in office; the Berlin Wall still stood and Mike Tyson won his first-ever boxing title. In 1986, Beat Magazine was first born.

What’s a wild ride it’s been – for 33 years, this burgeoning music and arts publication has stood proud atop a creative mammoth; a mammoth that could brave any ice age and come out with its husks intact. Across its storied tenure, Beat has rolled with the punches of a music industry that has endured its fair share of antagonism – yet we’re still here, Melbourne’s still here and the city’s cultural heartbeat remains strong.

A wise man once said, “The times they are a-changin’” and not for the first time in the publication’s celebrated history an alteration will occur. The magazine has undergone many redesigns and progressions to meet contemporary ideals and on May 1, another revolution is coming to the Beat Magazine you, as loyal readers, have come to know and love.

Once the last remaining weekly music and arts street press in Australia, Beat Magazine turns to a fortnightly cycle with a renewed sense of optimism. The publication is becoming bigger and better with our readers in mind – this magazine is for you, first and foremost and as our priceless first fortnightly edition emerges, the surprises slowly ferment. So are you ready, our glorious Melburnians?