Issue 1673

Words by Tom Parker

Editor’s note

Here we stand at the foothill of Melbourne’s creative behemoth. As bandrooms are being battered, theatres are being enriched and comedy clubs filled with jest. Entertainment stems from the art but spreads like wildfire into food and drink and the appetite to party and prolong the night.

Beat Magazine’s lucky to be atop that juggernaut and tell the stories how musicians, artists and our loyal readers deserve them to be told. This, our first fortnightly edition, mightn’t be our most radical or triumphant but it’s sure to be one of our most expressive and wide-reaching. The magazine just got bigger and so did the freedom to look further and fossick deeper.

And there you have it – a dedicated page for our ever-hungry son Beat Eats alongside more gig guide, more native editorial and a larger Arts Guide than ever before. This is just the beginning of the next chapter that will also coincide with the launch of a new website making our online platform more functional than ever before.

For 1673, we are privileged to have Ceres on the cover who have just celebrated the release of their third album, We Are a Team, which they will be launching at The Corner Hotel on Friday May 17. Alongside that, we’ve dug into the archives and come up with some of the most memorable Beat Magazines from our history as well as some searching interviews with the likes of Stonnington Jazz Festival artistic director, Chelsea Wilson, Archie Roach, Nick Murphy and more. Let’s party.