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Issue 1654

Words by Tom Parker

Editor’s Note

Melbourne Music Week has come and gone faster than you could say Jack Robinson and the post-festival depression is real. From the vibrant Heaps Gay Reverie on Opening Night to the lovingly nostalgic Push Over extravaganza which concluded the nine days, the revelry didn’t relent and a round of applause must go to the managers, directors, bookers, publicists, performers, producers, and everyone else that was responsible for putting on such a fine event.

I already knew Melbourne had a bottomless music scene but wasn’t whole-heartedly aware of its widespread acceptance. Each event was swarmed with interest from energetic punters who either knew the artists or were getting to know them and there was no shortage of the latter. That’s the best thing about Melbourne and its people, everyone’s keen to get out there and give it a crack even if they weren’t acquainted with the artist.

As we brush off the Melbourne Music Week hangover, it’s time to get familiar with some other fabulous events taking over the city. From The Pleasure Garden to Good Things Festival, music-lovers are about to get a whole bunch of fabulous alternative music filling their backyard. Then there’s Gizzfest to cater for all those psychedelic rock lovers and, yep, the party’s officially a go. Dive in friends.