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Issue 1619

Words by James Di Fabrizio

Editor’s Note

Richard Brautigan wrote these words about my second favourite animals on Earth, humans. (Dogs are my favourite, for those playing at home.)

“With his hat on he’s
about five inches taller
than a taxicab.”

What I take that to mean is this: For all our pomp and circumstance, our turmoil and triumph, our sincerity and parlour tricks – we’re no more than little specks, floating on a bright blue marble through space. Even at our tallest, we barely eclipse the height of a taxi.

But why am I banging on about this? Have I cooked it? Well, perhaps. I clocked more hours than I’d care to tell you to make our annual Melbourne International Comedy Festival issue. But more importantly, because it’s time to loosen up. It’s time to embrace the unbridled joy of laughter this festival season. Laugh at new jokes. Laugh with your friends after the show. Laugh with your favourite comedians and laugh with newly discovered acts too. Comedy reminds us to take ourselves less seriously. To take life with a grain of salt. After all, humans are hilarious. Let’s celebrate that. There are over 600 shows spanning 26 days during the Comedy Festival, and we’ve hand-selected the very best of the best to get you started. Life’s short. Let’s laugh.