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Issue 1617

Words by Gloria Brancatisano

Editor’s Note

Let me paint a scene for you. The year is 2002, and pre-teen Gloria has just discovered eye-liner, skinny jeans and angsty-teen music. That is also the year that I discovered Good Charlotte. My parents were more than a little worried that my bedroom walls were suddenly plastered with tattooed men with questionable-at-best hair styles. My cries of “it’s not a phase” only lasted so long.

That brings me to present day. Where things came full circle and I got to chat about the good old days with Benji Madden. They’ll be joining a crew of legends for the first ever Australian Download Festival later this month. Will I see you there to relive all our early-2000 memories?

If throwbacks aren’t quite your thing, we’ve got you covered too. From a chat with (the almost departing) Wet Lips, to the incredible Press Club. We introduce you to your new fave band Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird or London’s Gengahr. Of course, we also chat to none other than Mr ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ himself – Billy Ray Cyrus.

To say this is an eclectic edition of Beat is an understatement – but don’t say I didn’t warn ya.