Made In Portugal by André de Freitas is universally appealing

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Made In Portugal by André de Freitas is universally appealing

Made In Portugal
words by Bryget Chrisfield

Made In Portugal – the debut show by André de Freitas – will particularly resonate with anyone who’s ever travelled or intends to one day; there’s something about true traveller anecdotes, recounted in a humorous way, that’s universally appealing.

It’s also André’s debut Down Under tour and his likeable presence immediately warms the room. He’s well aware that he sounds American and “looks like a lesbian”, but André promises he’s Portuguese (as this show’s title suggests). Portugal is famous for cork (who knew!?) and drawing humour from unexpected places is one of André’s comedic strengths. 

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He shares stories about growing up in a small town in Portugal and time spent slumming it in London, almost becoming “a male escort” after hitting rock bottom while pursuing his stand-up dreams. 

Made In Portugal’s structure is inspired, with occasional flashbacks to previous well-received gags further illustrating André’s mastery of comic devices. Definitely one to watch.    

Sidenote: Extended run due to successful turnout.

Best bit: Misuse of the word “touché” segment. 

Audience participation: Because he comes across as such a sweet, inquisitive character, André’s punter-directed questions never feel intrusive – he creates a safe, non-judgemental space.    

Number of legit LOLs: A grin-all-the-way-through kinda show, punctuated by approx four guffaws.

Post-show music: I’ll Be Ready by Sunblock (the Baywatch theme song), masterfully recalling his earlier bit about time spent as a lifeguard in Portugal, basically “on the beach, pissing on people” (because it’s a jellyfish sting remedy – true or false?). 

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