Mad Caddies, Area 7 lead Ska Nation Music Festival’s 2023 lineup

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Mad Caddies, Area 7 lead Ska Nation Music Festival’s 2023 lineup

Ska Nation Music Festival
Words by Staff Writer

Get ready to skank, groove, and embrace the contagious beat of ska music, as the Ska Nation Music Festival returns for another incredible year of non-stop fun!

This year’s festival promises to be bigger, better, and bouncier than ever before, with a line-up that will make you dance until your feet can’t take it anymore.

Ska Nation Music Festival

  • Saturday December 16th and Sunday December 17th
  • Outdoors at the rear of the Ti Tree Hotel, Warrion, Victoria
  • Camping options available

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Prepare to witness the magic as the stage lights up with ska’s finest talents including the infectious rhythms of the Mad Caddies from California, the band that brought you bangers like Road Rash and Drinking for 11 along with Area 7, Australia’s premier ska band! But that’s not all! Melbourne Ska Orchestra, a powerhouse collective of talented musicians, will bring their big band sound and infectious enthusiasm to the festival. Get ready to be blown away by their horn section and charismatic front man!

In addition to the incredible performances by the Mad Caddies, Area 7 and Melbourne Ska Orchestra, the Ska Nation Music Festival will also feature a handpicked selection of supporting acts, ensuring non-stop ska goodness throughout the day.

Whether you’re a die-hard ska fan or someone looking to experience the vibrant and energetic atmosphere of a ska music festival, Ska Nation has got you covered. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of infectious beats, catchy horn melodies, and uplifting lyrics that will have you skanking and singing along with fellow enthusiasts.


Mad Caddies (USA) – Area 7 – Melbourne Ska Orchestra – The Resignators – The Pirateska Rebellion – Mister Coffee – Operation Ibis (NSW), The Overits (SA) – The Donald Trumpets (WA) – The Kittyhawks (ex Sounds Like Chicken) – Admiral Ackbar’s Dishonourable Discharge – Ess Em (NSW) – Operation Big Jake Bosstone – Loonee Tunes – DJs Con Dodgie, Gary Skaman and more TBA

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