Lore Perfumery: The Fitzroy company offering personalised fragrances

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Lore Perfumery: The Fitzroy company offering personalised fragrances


A wonderful scent can elicit memories and smiles, and on the right person – say, your father – an excellent scent might stir up wonderful thoughts of a wonderful person.  

Lore Perfumery offer a wide selection of products, ranging from perfumes and colognes, to shaving cream and soap, to pomade and accessories to help execute a great look – so there’s definitely something available for every kind of guy.

Lore’s products and mantra really make them stand out among other retailers. “We specialise in niche products from all around the world, in particular niche fragrance,” says co-owner Jade McAndrew. “While we carry a vast array of known brands, we like to stock unique products that you can’t get everywhere.

“From Cire Trudon – the oldest candle makers in the world to The Groomed Man Co – a local Melbourne-based men’s range with unique beard balms and charcoal-based face and body care products.”

The shop itself, situated in Fitzroy, has been a part of the community for 25 years. Previously called Kleins; Jade, Jess and Teagan were handed the reigns in 2017 and Lore was born. In just over a year locals have quickly fallen in love with Lore’s sensory wonderland. The knowledge of the team has not only maintained the original store’s legacy, but also provided customers with a unique shopping experience and fun and friendly customer service.

Though they specialise in fragrance consultations and unique events, Lore have made it super easy to find the right gift for dad this weekend. “Bring your dad in or come in telling us what scent he usually wears,” McAndrew says. “We’ll find the perfect match easily.”

Such is the extent of the amazing products on offer, McAndrew tries to condense her most highly recommended international products. “So many to name but to mention a few standouts they would be, Eight & Bob the Original Fragrance, as worn by JFK. Cire Trudon Ernesto Candle, inspired by Che Guevara’s love of cigars, and Acca Kappa 1869 Cologne, the classic masculine scent.”

McAndrew says some of the local favourites include The Groomed Man Co’s Beard Balm in Morning Wood, making beards smell delightful, Mihan Aromatics Mikado Bark, boasting a locally made spicy woody scent, and Kevin Murphy Night Rider, which McAndrew describes as the ultimate styling tool for short hair.

There really is something for everyone at Lore, but when making a fragrance selection, McAndrew has a few tips for beginners, particularly when trying to discern the difference between a perfume and a cologne. “Both are genderless and the difference is simply the concentration,” she says. “Colognes are generally light and fresh and will last on the skin for around two hours. Perfumes are more concentrated and have a longer staying power on the skin – around six to eight hours. We have a blog post on this exact topic called Perfume 101 on our website now – go check it out.”

If you’re tempted by what you’ve heard but are worrying about payment options or getting in-store to choose that perfect gift, or even how to present your best guy’s new scent, Lore have a whole host of options to make the shopping experience easy and enjoyable.

“We really have an option for everyone. We offer complimentary gift wrapping on all orders in-store and online. In-store – all gifts come with a sample spritz of the fragrance purchase. So, if your dad doesn’t love the new scent he can swap it over. For the indecisive or hard to buy for, we even have gift vouchers. Online – we offer free shipping on all orders and Afterpay is also available on orders over $99.

“We are pretty generous when it comes to freebies. All online orders come with a selection of hand-picked samples. You just might find your new favourite product.”

It’s not just sweet-smelling goodies at Lore, they also offer a massive range of products that complement a fragrance purchase. “With over 100 brands and thousands of products in-store we really have something for the fussiest of dads,” McAndrew says. “From beautiful Italian soaps from Nesti Dante, to a shaving brush from Acca Kappa, to a natural deodorant from Weleda or Hemp Lip Balm from Latvian organic skincare brand Madara, we’ve got it all.”

Men’s retail is a quickly growing enterprise and the popularity of skincare and beauty regimes is something McAndrew has seen grow over time. “We’ve noticed that the variety available is ever expanding. Men’s grooming is definitely becoming more popular as there is so much more to offer.

“We’ve also noticed that men are more inclined to enjoy our quirky fragrances and aren’t scared to try something different. No more shopping at the local supermarket, they want something unique.”