Looking for wines to love this silly season? Pick up Sticks

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Looking for wines to love this silly season? Pick up Sticks


Whether it’s a pressie for colleagues, a gift to bring round to a friendmas dinner or a stocking stuffer for the parents, wine is the present we really want this Christmas.

If you’re stuck wondering which wine to bring, we recommend you stick to one of the Yarra Valley’s most well-known producers –Sticks. Sticks has been producing modern takes on the Yarra Valley classics since 2001.

They craft wines with maximum drinkability in mind, making any choice from their range a safe bet. In fact, it’s an even better choice this season, with their exclusive discount code PICKUPSTICKS wiping 20% off on their online store.


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Now the question simply becomes which wines to select. Here’s our rundown:

Pinot Noir – Sticks’ tried and true. It’s high on charm and exuberance, but certainly not lacking in depth or complexity. Sitting happily at the delicate end of the pinot scale, it’s perfect to pair with that charcuterie board on Christmas day.

Chardonnay – Not a buttery bomb. Poised yet approachable, it has an underlying richness and plenty of personality. If you know you’re having barbecued seafood, bring this zesty chardy along to start the party!

Blanc de Blancs – This one is a wee bit wow. Generous and creamy, this sparkling just feels decadent – it’s the perfect choice for a moment of celebration. If you’re on the hunt for something to pop as the clock strikes midnight, this one is sure to make a great start to the new year.

Pinot Grigio – Zippy, minerally, pear-y, blossom-y, and other similarly evocative words with a ‘Y’ tacked on the end. It’s a crowd pleaser. Pair Pinot Grigio with prawns and you’ll look like the cleverest of wine connoisseurs.

Rosé – It’s easy on the eye and just as easy to drink. Think just-ripe strawberries, juicy white peaches and a texture that’s creamy yet crunchyNo pairing necessary. You know the drill.

Cabernet Sauvignon – Broody, silky, juicy, statuesque and well defined. This wine is everything you never knew you wanted. There’s a reason why Cabernet was king of the Yarra for so long. Pour up with your lamb chops on Christmas eve.

Sticks is offering 20% off and free shipping for orders of six bottles or more with the code PICKUPSTICKS. To pick up a few Sticks sippers, head to sticks.com.au.

This article was made in partnership with Sticks.