Little Faiths + Cold Irons Bound

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Little Faiths + Cold Irons Bound

But at last, Little Faiths in full band mode join Cold Irons Bound in the wonderland that is the Brunswick Artists Bar.

Two bands that live and breathe by the credo, it’s about the songs, man!

Straddling the alternate tunings of Americana and the heart of a scruffy rock n roll bar band, well respected Melbourne four piece Cold Irons Bound recall the best distorted twang of the last 50 years. Think Tom Petty jamming with Teenage Fanclub. They have released a bunch of beautiful albums and the latest

‘No Place I Can’t Find You’ is a cracker.

For this gig, Little Faiths are coming out swinging in full band mode.

And when you put CIB, LF and the BAB together, it’s pure gestalt (the Germans have the best words).