Lipstereo’s Modern Mythology is packed with exhilarating, dangerous energy

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Lipstereo’s Modern Mythology is packed with exhilarating, dangerous energy

Review by Bryget Chrisfield

Like jumping the fence to crash a festival then legging it through the crowd to outwit security, opener Stop storms in with exhilarating, dangerous energy.

“Stop, I don’t wanna get caught…” – intensifying drums, party-starting riffs, belligerent vocal delivery… What’s not to like? There’s obvious The Strokes influences here, but this lead single also channels What’s My Scene by Hoodoo Gurus.

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Then Beatles-tinged follow-up track Little Spaceships beams in some bells and mellotron. Dripping with effortless, insouciant rock’n’roll spirit, Sam Stranges absolutely nails his vocal deliveries throughout Lipstereo’s debut four-track EP, but especially during song two.

“Take the bus to the station/ Don’t get impatient/ I’m there for the ride..” – closer Take The Bus takes it down a notch, until Andrew Stainsby’s luxurious guitar solo strikes like white lightning, melting our faces into sloppy grins of surrender.

This four-piece indie-rock band from Melbourne – who also clearly love R U Mine?-era Arctic Monkeys – wrote Modern Mythology very much inspired by the painting that graces its cover: a moody, intricate mountain scene featuring partially clad archers on the move, with deers in sight. There are four more paintings in this series, which Lipstereo also intend to translate into sonic landscapes for our listening pleasure.

Label: Pop Preservation Society
Release date: 11 November