Limp Bizkit : Gold Cobra

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Limp Bizkit : Gold Cobra


It’s been a long while (a decade in fact) since we heard from Limp Bizkit, arguably the most maligned band in recent music history. But Fred Durst and crew have finally returned with a new album in tow. Ten years may have passed, but little has changed for this band. That is to say, if you dug them before, you’ll be way into this album. If you hated them, or viewed them with indifference (is this even possible?) Gold Cobra will do absolutely zip to change that.

Fred is still attempting to rap, in his whiny, nasally manner. And he still swears a lot. He still seems pissed off at the world, in a misdirected sort of way. There’s a heavy dose of hip hop on this one, but then that’s nothing new. There are some nice fat grooves, and the musicianship is pretty solid. And, like virtually everything they’ve ever done, it’s all vaguely irritating and not overly entertaining. It’s pretty much a self indulgent showcase for Fred’s rather questionable ‘talents’, and at 17 tracks it’s a long and arduous journey. Maybe he should just stick with being a D-Grade celebrity?

This album is strictly for fans only. Anyone else would be strongly advised to go buy something else -preferably Australian.

Best Track : err…..

If you like these, you’ll dig this : LINKIN PARK, PAPA ROACH, CYPRESS HILL

In a word : Lame