‘Lick’: Society of Beggars journey through a nightmare dreamscape

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‘Lick’: Society of Beggars journey through a nightmare dreamscape

Society of Beggars

"You better lick those lies off your face / And tumble back to your home"

Society of Beggars may originally herald from Adelaide, but they’re utter Melbourne veterans and they’ve won a lot of fans over the years by, as vocalist Yianni Michalopoulos told us way back, not be afraid to take themselves and their musical influences seriously.

“I kind of like that we take ourselves seriously,” he told us. “I like that we approach our style in a different way. There’s a way we present everything that we put out – it’s always a bit different to everyone else.”

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It’s in that frame of mind that you should approach the group’s latest release, ‘Lick’, a poetic, dream-like ballad that tells a story of the journey within, the journey to get back home, and the strength to let go. The new release is complimented by a moody, dream-like video-clip directed by Bridget Mackey, and the group reference the ultimate metaphysical adviser – Buddha – in outlining the song’s meaning: “There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth… not going all the way, and not starting.”

The foursome are highly capable of melting faces, but they say ‘Lick’ represents something of a new chapter; there’s the booming vocals but they’re layered with stripped back guitars and a muted kick drum in what the band describe as ‘a lullaby for rock lovers’. ‘Lick’ capitalises on Yianni’s silky vocals – the delivery is instantly catchy – and like most of their tracks, it builds momentum with effortless power and restrain.

With multiple national tours under their belt, Society of Beggars released their first EP back in 2017 – An EP Called Night – and have since released the singles ‘God Mode’ and ‘Dance The Evil’. They’ve received airplay across Australia, the US and the UK, and ‘Lick’ – produced by Lindsay Gravina – will be the latest single from their forthcoming album Levitator.

Follow Society of Beggars across their socials for the latest release and upcoming gig info: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. You can also check out their website here: www.societyofbeggars.com

This article was made in partnership with Society of Beggars.