Lasca Dry marries ’60s psychedelic rock and catchy pop in her new single, ‘Do You Like Me That Way’

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Lasca Dry marries ’60s psychedelic rock and catchy pop in her new single, ‘Do You Like Me That Way’

Lasca Dry walks the line between retro rock and contemporary pop in this genre-defying track.

Tasmanian singer-songwriter Lasca Dry has emerged with her debut single ‘Do You Like Me That Way’. Channelling her love of blues, rock and pop, the track is rhythmic, catchy and utterly original.

Having spent her childhood listening to music from across the ’60s and ’70s, Lasca Dry’s influences and love of Led Zeppelin inform the electric guitar licks and riffs that harken a bygone era on ‘Do You Like Me That Way’. Coloured with soft percussion and a contemporary twist, the single blurs the line between past and future in a way that’ll have you hitting the play button again and again.

The minimalistic melody chugs along with cathartic repetition before foraying into a ripper guitar solo while Lascar Dry’s distinct vocals continuously dip between baritone low notes and borderline falsetto highs.

The contrasting sounds mimic the contradicting state of simultaneously wanting validation while seeking independence which underpins the track. On the surface, it may seem like a love song but the true message is one of acceptance and finding the agency to be who you are.

To accompany the release of ‘Do You Like Me That Way’, Lasca Dry has also revealed a psychedelic film clip popping with bright, clashing colours like an aesthetically-pleasing fever dream.

Check it out below.

‘Do You Like Me That Way’ is out now. For more from Lasca Dry, visit her Facebook page

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