Larrykin Dog Treats is championing sustainable treats for your four-legged friend

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Larrykin Dog Treats is championing sustainable treats for your four-legged friend

Larrykin Dog Treats

100 per cent vegan, Larrykin Dog Treats is leading the way when it comes to sustainable dog treats. What inspired you to start a fully vegan company?

Becoming increasingly frustrated that most dog treats on the market contained unrecognisable ingredients and/or were made in countries known for their poor treatment of animals, we decided to make our own treats from everyday, natural ingredients and the business took off from there.

Of all potential vegan ventures, why dog treats?

We have two much-loved dogs in our family and believe that they deserve to eat quality food, just like the rest of us. The health and happiness of our dogs is something we are passionate about, so it made sense to develop a dog treat business.

What challenges do you face in ensuring your products are vegan?

As a predominantly vegan household, it has been easy to create vegan dog treats. Dogs love the taste of the ingredients – peanut butter, pumpkin, bananas, coconut oil etc. – so developing vegan treats has been fun.

Tell us a bit more about the dog treats you offer? What are some of your most popular items?

We have six flavours, with our peanut butter treats being the most popular by far. Noochymite treats are also popular with many dogs and owners (who like their tasty vegemite flavour). Other flavours include banana, roast pumpkin, applemint and sweet potato.

Do you have any upcoming sales or anything special in store for World Vegan Day?

We’ll have a few specials on the day and will have our Christmas treats, too.

Larrykin Dog Treats are stocked in pet stores and supermarkets all across Melbourne and at some stores nationally. Find a stockist and make purchases online via their website.