Kung Fu Cellist to A Cappella virtuosos; Melbourne Recital Centre’s June programming turns up the volume on variety

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Kung Fu Cellist to A Cappella virtuosos; Melbourne Recital Centre’s June programming turns up the volume on variety

This June, prepare to be swept away by a series of groundbreaking performances where virtuosity meets innovation and traditional art forms are reimagined for the modern age.

It’s set to be a jam-packed month for music aficionados, film buffs and martial arts purists alike with a vast range of noteworthy events heading to Melbourne Recital Centre’s Primrose Potter Salon and Elisabeth Murdoch Hall in June.

From an incredible showcase of cutting-edge sounds to Good Time like you’ve never seen it before – Melbourne Recital Centre are set to present a truly eclectic selection of events that are bound to be as intriguing as they are immersive and captivating. So, without wasting a moment, let’s dive right into what’s coming up. 

Divisi Chamber Singers – The Turn 

  • When: June 8
  • Where: Primrose Potter Salon

Divisi, a dynamic youth-led not-for-profit organisation supporting early-career creative artists, continues redefining classical music by commissioning and performing groundbreaking works. Following the success of their acclaimed program Compose Queer, which led to the release of the groundbreaking album Spectrum featuring Australian classical music by queer composers, Divisi now delves into the intrigue of madrigals.

In this mesmerising performance, six narrators will intertwine their individual interpretations, transforming them into a seamless, harmonious tale. Divisi Chamber Singers will combine four centuries of madrigal storytelling tradition with contemporary parallels. As part of the program, audiences will be treated to the Australian premiere of Ben Rowarth’s The Turn, offering additional context to Monteverdi’s poignant Lamento D’Arianna. Furthermore, the intricate contemporary harmonies of Gavin Bryars’ madrigals will shed new light on ancient poetry.

Hear My Eyes: Good Time + Big Yawn + Teether 

  • When: June 9
  • Where: Elisabeth Murdoch Hall

“I think something very important is happening and it’s deeply connected to my purpose.”

Since its release in 2017, the heart-pounding thriller Good Time has established itself as a crime film masterpiece, delivering a gripping narrative that captures the essence of brotherly love and the relentless pursuit of escape. Catch this cinematic gem like never before – where it will be accompanied by an immersive live performance of a percussive, lyrical score by Big Yawn and Teether, specially curated for the RISING festival.

Let the kit-driven beats, resonant bass, and ethereal lyricism of Big Yawn and Teether transport you to the exhilarating and unpredictable world of Good Time. Their musical styles seamlessly intertwine with the film’s inventiveness and pace, creating a truly immersive experience. As part of the Hear My Eyes series, which curates film screenings with live music, this event promises to push the boundaries of audiovisual storytelling.

Kung Fu Cellist – extra/ordinary 

  • When: June 13
  • Where: Primrose Potter Salon

Embark on a musical odyssey that ventures beyond the ordinary at the Primrose Potter Salon on June 13 as Kung Fu Cellist presents extra/ordinary. Chinese-born artist Yelian He – also known as the Kung Fu Cellist – has spent years devoting himself to kung fu and cello training disciplines.

He’s set to be joined by acclaimed saxophonist Joseph Lallo for a performance at the Primrose Potter Salon that delves into the art of discovering a passion and forging an individual path of practice. Lallo – himself a distinguished performer, conductor, and visionary curator of the classical music concert experience – is the perfect musical companion for Yelian’s artistic journey.

This extraordinary collaboration of instruments explores the program’s central theme, with Swedish composer Svante Henryson’s Suite Off Pist at its core. Henryson’s composition vividly portrays the challenges encountered when straying from conventional paths and having to carve one’s own way in uncharted territories, akin to forging a new trail in freshly fallen snow.

Making Waves – New Music 

  • When: June 19
  • Where: Primrose Potter Salon

Prepare to be immersed in the cutting-edge sounds of contemporary music at Melbourne Recital Centre’s Primrose Potter Salon on June 19 with Making Waves – New Music.

This dynamic event features the acclaimed Syzygy Ensemble, known for their fearless exploration of chamber music. In a captivating four-part series presented in partnership with Virtual School Victoria, Syzygy Ensemble will delve into a wide range of compositional styles and techniques. 

While designed with VCE music students in mind, these workshops are open to all aspiring composers who wish to push the boundaries of their craft. With their virtuosic talent and unwavering commitment to modern music, Syzygy Ensemble aims to forge powerful connections between 21st-century artists and their audiences. Brace yourself for an extraordinary musical journey that challenges conventions and sparks the imagination.

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