King Of The North : Get Out Of Your World

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King Of The North : Get Out Of Your World


It’s best not to go into King Of The North’s new album, Get Out Of Your World, thinking this is going to be an exercise in musical banality and mindless frivolity. It all starts relatively innocuously with a few stray shards of guitar, some disparate Zep beats, a guttural blues voice and a ten-tonne LA rock riff in Rise.


Then there’s Get Out Of Your World, all rock’n’roll swagger and strut and then some, and Burn with its Sabbath-like grind and thrust. If you can get past the subtle double entrendre of Hard Wired For Hard Times, you’re deep in power chord territory, with only a lifeline to Ronnie James Dio to help you out.


Ride Like You’re Free adds to the list of hard rock tracks celebrating the discourse of freedom to a blues-soaked stadium soundtrack (and one of the better ones to boot). Down To The Devil is the latest station on Robert Johnson’s perennially inspiring trip to the gates of hell. The journey to the top of The Mountain is almost as impressive as the view from the top, Caught Between Two Worlds is emotional conflict dressed to kill in double denim and Hard Days Are Done is catharsis with a bottle of single malt and a Bon Scott sneer.


There’s more to come with the prisoner free No Stone Left Unturned and pop-but-not Manic Depression. Kings aren’t supposed to be benign rulers, and King Of The North ain’t no benign rock’n’roll band.