Just You & I: Husband duo Mister Co. find each other on this flirty, insatiable bop

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Just You & I: Husband duo Mister Co. find each other on this flirty, insatiable bop

Mister Co
words by kaya martin

So often in love songs we only get one perspective.

Maybe the songwriter pines for an unrequited crush. Maybe they wallow over a staggering betrayal or proclaim their relationship is perfect and meant to be. As a listener, we just have to take their word for it.

This is part of what makes Just You & I so special. The love story is as real as it gets: it tells the tale of how husbands Connor and Oscar Absolum, the talent behind Australian pop duo Mister Co., first fell for each other.

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“Just You and I was actually the first song we wrote together back in 2020, in our first attempt at writing as a duo and we are so excited to share it with everyone,” says Mister Co.

“This tune was inspired by our younger years when we first realized that what we had was becoming more than just a ‘hook up’. We wanted the song to resemble the fun we had while also expressing the beauty when you first find actual love.”

By settling into a pop groove made from synth pads and staggered snares, the track forgoes the overly sentimental for the cheeky, flirty and fun. A charismatic horn staccato holds everything together – if that doesn’t get people dancing from bandrooms to beach clubs, I don’t know what will.

Sharing verses back and forth, Connor and Oscar unveil the things they wish they could have said when first caught feelings. The song’s strongest moments come when they join together in the chorus, harmonising on the lines  “Where we can lay out of sight and out of mind / Let’s take a break and stay here just you and I”.

The latest track follows their first handful of singles, Tonight, Make You Feel Alright and Don’t Talk About It, which have been gaining worldwide buzz on playlists and radio stations, including Melbourne LGBTQIA+ station JOY FM. Just You & I gives fans the lastest taste of what’s to come on the duo’s debut album, On This Journey, scheduled for release in 2024.

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This article was made in partnership with Mister Co.

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