Jess Ribeiro

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Jess Ribeiro


What made you want to do the show in the first place? An invitation from a handsome man. 

You’ll be playing solo – how does it compare to playing with your band? There’s less people. It’s intense for me, perhaps intimate for others. If I’m ovulating, which I will be, I usually talk a lot and tell stories.

What can we expect to hear at the show? I have no idea what to expect. Liz and I are both very unpredictable people so it’s hard to tell. We’ll be doing a few numbers together.

What does it mean for you to be an independent artist and do things a little less conventionally? It means I can say and do whatever the hell I like.

What are you working on next in terms of a release? I’ll have a new record complete by April. It’ll come out later in the year. I’m also writing short stories about my traumatising life as a mongrel child growing up in white Australia.