Jeremy Neale : Getting The Team Back Together

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Jeremy Neale : Getting The Team Back Together


‘Averse To Try It’ takes inspiration from classic Brit-pop, bringing together good ol’ fashion guitar licks and a rocking party-anthem chorus. The album carries this good time, Friday-night vibe throughout much of its journey, with ‘Bad Company’ adding some insane guitar work and head-bangin’ percussion. ‘Small Talk’ is a little slower with a lot more attitude and seems fitting for a John Hughes-esque ‘80s rom-com.

The album’s first single, ‘Dancin’ & Romancin’’, is catchy as hell – it’s pretty hard to stop your head from casually bopping along. Neale explained the track is about couples eventually getting to spend time together, and takes inspiration from Sam Cooke. ‘The Heartbeat Of Life’ sounds like it came straight from a high school prom band, while ‘Loose Cannon’ adds some cool synth and keys to mix things up.

The album finishes with ‘No Fun’ which swaps electric for acoustic, ‘Walk The Walk’ sounding like old-Kooks, and ‘Light My Way’ – the perfect song for a slow dance with your special guy or gal.