Jacob : ‘Show Me Some Passion’

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Jacob : ‘Show Me Some Passion’


Reasonably new kids from the steelwork cities of Newcastle and Wollongong, Jacob sound like four adolescent pranksters trying their hand at growing up. Some of this has been done over their previous five years of existence, but of course there is always room for more. Lineup changes have not dinted their raucous approach, and despite not a bonafide Jacob being in the ranks, they are provocative and self-aware. Tracks like ‘The Rain King’ could be terrace chants but for glazing into incandescent choruses as vocalist Ruar Burns is joined in many songs by both Andrew Jago and Jamie Manny.

‘A Little More Action’ features some early Killers synth action and the band work on the lyrical theme on ‘How Long Until You’re Next To Me’, ‘Oh My Love’ and ‘I Want To Get A Bit Closer’. Rowdy, slicing riffs are combined with screamed vocals, which are intense and discordant.

‘How I Get’ is acoustic and carefree in that Billy Bragg way without the politics. With the obligatory shouted mass voices, this is probably the finest song on the record. Clearly, there is a palpable amount of love and effort in this record, although some songs still fall flat regardless.

The songs may have benefitted with some less rigid playing and this may have flicked the switch on the album. Oh well, there’s always next time.