‘It’s from the streets but with a message from the Church’: Ayrton Young’s Gospel For The Lost

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‘It’s from the streets but with a message from the Church’: Ayrton Young’s Gospel For The Lost

Ayrton Young
words by kaya martin

On Gospel For The Lost, Filipino-Australian rapper Ayrton Young preaches the good word of the lord with unstoppable rhythm and flow.

If Ayrton Young’s Gospel For The Lost came on at the after-hours, it might just sound like another trap banger. Glittery high hats, moody 808s and thumping kicks… the EP has all of the elements of a well-considered contemporary hip-hop release.

Yet take a deeper listen and you’ll notice a few things that set Ayrton apart. His subject matter, for one. Throughout the 15-and-a-half-minute run time, he lays his passion for Christ on the line, describing how he was saved by God, praying for the kids in his city and letting the spirit flow through him. 

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Despite coming across as squarely a hip-hop release, elements of traditional gospel peek through in the beats, courtesy of producers Jeff Seraphin and Ayronn Young: choral voices, orchestra instrumentation and a pastoral spoken word section. 

 “The EP really is for the kids. I made it in such a way where it sounds like it’s from the streets but with a message from the Church. It’s dark, gritty and high energy, but at the same time introspective and hopefully, life-changing. May it be a light in a dark time such as this.”

 Hailing from the Soccsksargen region of the Philippines, forced to migrate to the golden shore of South Australia, Ayrton Young is an artist who wears his heart on his sleeve. His childhood interest in street and breakdance helped him build a profound love for hip-hop culture and before long, he branched out into mixing, producing, rapping and performing. 

 As a youth leader and Sunday kids leader for Futures Church, his goal is simple: change the world for all the kids to live in a better one. “If you’d ask me why I’m passionate about inspiring the youth, I’d say it’s a very complicated answer. That’s like asking me who I am and why I do things. My whole life is dedicated to uplifting children, whether behind the mic or without it,” he says. 

“The reason for this comes down to a number of things, experience, responsibility, and my overall purpose for existing. I could tell you story after story about how I was born in the poorest island group in the Philippines, or how I grew up in Metro Manila living lavishly while homeless children were a stone’s throw away, or even how I grappled all my life with the thought of God blessing me with much while seeing others starve.

“I’m still navigating through purpose and faith, but this is what I am called to do. I live to cater to the youth all over the world and raise their standard of living.”

On March 2 2024., catch Ayrton Young in Adelaide with Ruins x Laud. To keep up to date with Ayrton Young, head here.

This article was made in partnership with Ayrton Young.