Is this Melbourne’s best fried chicken burger?

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Is this Melbourne’s best fried chicken burger?


An icon of Melbourne’s bustling music scene, The John Curtin Hotel has been rustling some feathers since Sonny’s Fried Chicken and Burgers recently emerged from its kitchen.

A neon Sonny’ssign above an American-style diner has taken over a cosy nook of the beloved Curtin. Booths and tables are dimly lit with an open homely feel to satisfy the masses with their pre and post-hangover needs. Band posters line the walls on one side to remind you of the ace local talent playing upstairs, while music trickles in from the front bar amidst friendly staff.

Perfect for getting together with a large group of mates; sharing options are plentiful without being overwhelming. As the name suggests, Sonny’s specialises in kick-arse fried chicken, with options of white meat by the breast, dark meat by the thigh, half a bird or the whole lot. Whatever part of the chook you chose, this chicken is the real deal. The bird’s been cooked in a 24-hour brine and is pressure-fried to perfection. As a solid accompaniment to any fried chicken dish, try one of the many salads to balance things out.

Burgers are the other main item on the menu, with a crispy and juicy chicken burger to leave mouths watering proving a solid bet. Or if meat is what you’re after, try a cheeseburger with a hearty beef patty or three topped off with American cheese, pickles, onion and bacon.

Vegans and vegetarians can also accompany their chicken-loving friends for a feed. A modern take on the classic veggie burger boasts a handmade patty with pickled veggies and an array of sides at your disposal with crispy deep fried pickles, loaded fries or creamy mac and cheese to name a few.

Wash any of these options down with one of the many beers on offer from the front bar or a desert pie from their specials board and your weekend will be off to a flying start.