Iron Maiden’s original frontman Paul Di’Anno is heading to Australia next year

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Iron Maiden’s original frontman Paul Di’Anno is heading to Australia next year

Paul Di'Anno
words by staff writer

As the original voice behind Iron Maiden's iconic first two albums, he's ready to unleash the classics that made him a metal legend.

Get ready, Australian metalheads, because the legendary pioneer of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, Paul Di’Anno is heading to Melbourne for a show at the Prince Bandroom on January 19.

Paul Di’Anno Australian tour

  • January 16 – Amplifier Bar, Perth with Silent Knight
  • January 17 – The Gov, Adelaide with Dirty Pagans & Firestorm
  • January 18 – The Zoo, Brisbane with Revenger
  • January 19 – Prince Bandroom, Melbourne with Nothing Sacred & Flitcraft
  • January 20 – The Factory, Sydney with Killrazer & Bastardizer

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Di’Anno’s tenure with Iron Maiden produced timeless tracks like Running Free, Sanctuary, and Wrathchild, leaving an indelible mark on the world of heavy music.

His fusion of punk’s raw energy, metal’s thunderous riffs, and prog rock’s intricacy laid the foundation for future heavy music genres, including thrash and speed metal, while also influencing progressive bands.

Joining Di’Anno on this epic Australian tour are Brazilian heavy metal heroes, Noturnall. With appearances at Rock In Rio and global praise from all corners, Noturnall’s blend of progressive, power, thrash, and groove metal is set to electrify Australian stages.

Since parting ways with Maiden in 1981, Di’Anno has been a musical force in his own right, releasing numerous albums as a solo artist and with bands like Gogmagog, Battlezone, Praying Mantis, and more.

In recent years, Di’Anno faced health challenges that threatened to silence his iconic voice, but his unwavering determination and the support of his loyal fans have brought him back to the stage. This heavy metal icon with the heart of a punk rock rebel has given his all to music and his fans for nearly five decades, and they’ve stood by him every step of the way.

The tour is also set to showcase some of Australia’s premier heavy acts, including Silent Knight, Dirty Pagan’s, Firestorm, Revenger, Nothing Sacred, Flitcraft, Killrazer, and Bastardizer.

It all goes down on January 19 at the Prince Bandroom. Grab tickets by heading here.