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What does performance mean to you?  Immediacy and communal experience. Any show is a moment shared by a group of people that can never be shared again in exactly that way. We think that’s kind of special.

Why is it important to expose yourself to different forms of art?  Different forms of art broaden our scope of what it means to be a human being. The best expressions offer audiences an insight into experiences they haven’t lived through themselves, and allow for a deeper level of human connection. We hope to expose that we can find vulnerability and emotional legitimacy even through the anxiety and destructiveness of modern life.

Describe your show in three words.  Vulnerability. Connection. Post-dramatic.

Tell us how your show was born. Intoxication was inspired after Christopher had a near-death experience overseas in 2014, and was told by his Melbourne neurologist: “you probably won’t ever write again.” Happily, he’s quite stubborn, so he promptly went home and began to write this play.